Monday, November 18, 2013

Dear Autumn

Throughout the last couple of weeks, some mom friends of mine on Instagram and I have been writing little "love letters" to our favorite season, autumn (or fall, if you choose). It's been fun to sit back and take a minute to share through a few words and pretty pictures what makes this season just so darn great, in our eyes. Also, I'm as social a gal as they come, so it's been fun participating in this little ode to autumn with other brilliant mamas across the country.

My kids sure love fall, as well. So, I thought I'd let them write out some love letters to autumn. And today, I'll share them with you. :) These letters are all in their own words, and the pictures that accompany them were taken by their own little hands. I hope you enjoy reading these sweet letters as much as I do!

Dear Autumn,
I love when you come. Your season is so pretty. I love that you bring pumpkin patches. You are my second favorite season, and you are here!
Emma (age 8)

Dear Fall,
I like that you come because you bring pretty leaves all over. I really, really love you. My name is Sophia, and anyway, your name is Fall. Fall, you're here! I'm glad you're here.
Sophia (age 5)

Dear Fall,
I love you. I'm glad we can go outside and see the leaves and you. I like when you are here because we get chilly. When you're here it means Christmas is almost here.
Elijah (age 4)

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