Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lego Face t-shirt ~ Idea post~

This is so simple I'm almost embarrassed to dedicate a whole blog post to it. But then I thought, "maybe someone out there is like me and needs a little springboard for their imagination and creative juices to start flowing". So, I give you:

This is more of just an idea post and not really a formal DIY or tutorial.

I chose a dapper little Minifigure to use as my template. First, put a piece of cardboard in between your shirt layers right under where your image will be. We don't want any paint bleeding through and ruining the back side. But if that does happen, I'm sure it would be easy to paint a little something on the back too, to cover it up! :) Then, lightly draw the outline of the face with pencil. I found the middle of my shirt and just drew freehand. When you are satisfied with your sketch, start filling it in with fabric paint. I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paint for this project. I have also used the Folkart brand of fabric paint with much success.

Follow your chosen Minifigure as your guide, or get all crazy and do your own thing!

When your paint job is to your satisfaction ( I gave it two coats), let the shirt dry flat for about 72 hours. Then set it with an iron. I put a hand towel over the image and set my iron to the dry setting and made a few passes over it. The shirt can then be washed (inside out) and dried. If you want the image to last longer and not to fade as quickly, I would recommend letting it air dry.

Now, for some pictures of the cute boy in the cute shirt!

 As you can see, the shirt is H U G E. I'll be taking care of that. A little trim, tuck, and sew. But the face turned out exactly as I wanted! He loves it!

He was on a saluting kick. And then things got a little silly. He did, after all, have his sisters there to show off for. :)

Then we got his new Batman Lego set out. But he still kept his eyes on his siblings.

If you have ever tried taking a four year old boy's pictures, then you know it's nearly an impossible task. Over half of my pictures are blurred. And getting him to look at me is pretty much a losing battle as well. But, it'll help me to remember, when he is old and married, the way he was when he was four. An energetic bundle of Lego loving boy.

And now I'll go cry in my heap of mama emotions.

Juuust kidding. Kind of.

Blessings, dear friends!


  1. I just love him! That is a great shirt and whats impressive is the fact that you were able to freehand that face. I would have had to try and trace it somehow, lol! ~Jess

    1. You're so sweet Jess :) Now, don't ask me to duplicate this shirt. Usually, my free handing abilities are a one time good deal sort of thing. Ha!