Friday, April 5, 2013

Wigs for Kids

About three years ago, I donated my hair to Locks of Love. It was a really fun experience. Emma came with me for the big chop, and couldn't believe how much hair the gal cut off! She said at that time, "I don't think I will EVER cut that much of my hair off! EVER!"

Last year, Emma came to me and asked if she could donate her hair. I was completely taken aback! I thought back to when I cut my hair off and how she reacted. I couldn't believe she was coming to me with this. She said she thought it would be fun to cut her hair off for the purpose of giving it to someone who needed it. She said she remembered me cutting my hair off to donate and thought that was a good idea, so she wanted to do it too. We talked to daddy to see what he thought. He thought it was a great idea! So we started the growing out process. And now, over a year later, we did it!

Waiting for our hair appointments.

This was Emma's first time getting her hair cut in a salon! It was a pretty exciting experience. The gals at the Marinello School of Beauty were amazing! They cut our ponytails perfectly and did an excellent job on the style!

After our cuts, the stylists presented us with certificates. It was very special! :)

WIGS FOR KIDS is a great organization providing hairpieces for children that have been through serious illness or have a disease that has caused them to lose their hair. We are very honored to be giving our hair to such a great cause!

This experience has helped to teach Emma, Sophia and Elijah that God has blessed us with many things...even our hair! And we can use that to bless others, for His glory. I'm so thankful to have shared this special time with my sweet daughter!

If you would like to donate your hair to Wigs for Kids, you can go to their website and click on the Donate Hair link. There are easy to follow instructions listed there!

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