Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm Linking Up!

Good Wednesday morning to you all! I just wanted to share that I'm linking up the Spring Rag Wreath to the lovely RAISING HOMEMAKERS blog today! I was perusing some of the other links...there are over 100 of them, and these are some that caught my eye.

#37. Staying in shape while staying at home
A nice post about some things we stay at home moms can do to stay in shape. Great ideas...I will be putting them into practice!

#49. Grain Free Chocolate Beet Cookies recipe
I saw somewhere else a post about beets this week. I don't like beets. My kids don't like beets. But maybe, just maybe, we can eat them in cookie form. Everything is better in cookie form, right? Well, we shall see. :)

#64. You are not enough
An encouraging post about the fact that we, in an of ourselves, are NOT enough. We need God to perfect our imperfections. I loved this post!

#81. Write your love
A sweet post about writing down, in ink form, a note to those we love.

Settle in with cup of coffee and a (beet!) cookie and be encouraged. Blessings :)

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