Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Art Journals: Radial Drawing

Let me just start by saying; radial drawing is so much fun! I even like to do it! I find myself doing radial doodles all the time since learning this fun technique. It provides an opportunity to be creative with colors and, for the older draw-er, an opportunity to coordinate different colors and make some fun palettes. The younger children just thought it was fun, while Emma enjoyed putting different colors together and seeing how they looked next to one another.

So, what is Radial Drawing? Basically it is picking a point on the paper and coloring out in a circular motion from that point, and then building upon that initial circle. Sounds kind of complicated, but really, it's not. Here, I'll show you:

The blue is the point I started out from. Then I went around the blue with the orange in short, upward strokes.

Then you just keep going around and around adding on rows. Eventually those strokes will get bigger. Here is a finished circle:

It kind of looks like a neat, colorful starburst. Then if you want you can fill the entire page with these designs until no white is left on the paper. It's really very addicting. Here are some that the children finished:

Emma's radial drawing designs. She used some nice color combos.

Sophia's designs. She has the basic idea down.

Elijah's designs. This project was a little over his ability, but he liked being included and did some nice drawing:)
I like doing this project with the children because it helped me to gauge where they were at with their drawing ability, coordination, and ability to follow instructions. Even though Elijah's paper looked nothing like radial drawing, he still concentrated on his work and really tried to do it. I think we'll try this project again in a few weeks and see how much he's grown in his abilities since the last time we did this.

I hope you try out radial drawing! We had a blast with it!

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