Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Home Sewn Rice Bags

It has been cold here in California the last couple of weeks. I mean, really cold...freezing overnight cold. So, during the day, instead of turning the heater on and heating up the whole house, we have been heating up our rice bags in the microwave and carrying around our own little personal heaters.  These things are awesome! Especially at night! We heat them up, stick them in our beds before we get in, and let them do their warming thing. Emma and I made up a bunch in an afternoon...they are really easy...sewing straight lines and scooping rice. This project is great for beginners learning how to sew.

Let's get started!

What you need:

sewing machine and thread
a bit of fabric
about 4 cups of rice
essential oil (optional)

Begin by cutting out a 14 inch by 18 inch rectangle of fabric. We chose some nice, soft flannel.

With right sides folded together, sew up the two short sides and one long side, leaving one long side completely open.

When you have finished sewing, flip your fabric right side in. Take a ruler and pencil and mark about six inches in along the opened long side. Then make another mark about six inches from that. We are going to be sewing two straight lines across the rice bag making three pockets to put the rice into.

Now we come to the rice part. If you want, you can add a couple drops of essential oil to your rice and mix it around before filling the bag. We used lavender, and every time we heat up the bags it smells like lavender...very relaxing. :)

Fill up one pocket with about 1-2 cups of rice. Then pin it closed. To pin it, fold a small portion of the fabric into the bag, and then pin. We will be sewing a straight line across the top to close the bag off and we don't want any unfinished edges exposed.

We filled the pockets one at a time and sewed them shut one at a time to avoid spilling the rice all over. Sewing the pockets shut was a little difficult for Emma, so I ended up doing that part. Just make sure we get a nice, tight seam right up to the edge.

And there you have it! A nice little portable heater! Great for cuddling up on the couch and reading with, or crocheting with, or sticking down at the end of your bed to warm your feet at night! Emma made this one for Sophia, and she really likes it!


  1. Nice!!! I should make that project with the girls, they would love it! (perfect to warm up during these snowy months over here )

    1. Yes! We have been getting good use out of ours this winter! It's so nice to warm it up and place in the bed before you get in...makes everything toasty! :)