Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Few of Our Favorite Things ~ Target Exclusive Crayola Crayons

Crayons. Beautiful, bright, sometimes glittery, always enjoyable crayons! Can you tell we like crayons around here? What kids don't?! Well let me show you what we've discovered....

Aren't these just the best? They are little packs of color coordinated, themed crayons. They are sold exclusively at Target and can be found in the crayon section. And, these little babies are only 99 cents. Yes! I know! They have tons of different themes to choose from.

Sometimes, I just like to sit and look through them. All those colors together, working in perfect harmony. pretty.

Ok, crayon geekiness over. Here's why I really love them!

 They have totally inspired my kids in their drawing.

Emma's and Sophia's pretty princesses have taken on some lovely wardrobe changes.

And Elijah's dragons have gotten even more lifelike and fearsome than ever before!

Mommy and Daddy have even been inspired:

Daddy's scene.
This is Gertie, Mommy's owl.
These are great for stocking stuffers...I know Christmas is over...but it'll be back in a year. Also think Valentine's Day presents, Easter basket stuffers, birthdays...or just because. Really, kids go through crayons like they're water...and paper too!

Doesn't that look like so much fun?? Hours of creative and imaginative drawing and doodling just waiting to be had!

**I don't receive any free merchandise or kickbacks or anything from Target or Crayola. I just like to share the fun things that we find with you all, and we really think these little crayon packs are great! :)

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