Thursday, December 6, 2012

Snowflake Garland

SNOW! Who doesn't like snow at Christmas time? It's's chilly, forcing you to cozy in at night with some hot covers the world in a blanket of quiet and wonder. Aaahhh, I sure love a good snowfall. But, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we don't have any white Christmases...unless we drive to the mountains. It gets chilly enough...but the hush and awe of snow is just not around.

So! We make our own snow! Or flakes of it, at least!

This is an easy, nostalgic (for mama!), and fun project to do with your kids during the Christmas season.

What you need:
White paper or circular coffee filters

If you are not using circular coffee filters, you will need to cut your paper into a circle shape. This is how I did that.

This was my "Mommy Prep Project" for the evening after all the littles went to bed. No one wants to wait around while I cut out tons of circles in the morning...they just want to get on with the project. And it was a relaxing thing for me to do in the evening...listening to Christmas music...drinking hot cocoa....getting excited about our snowflake fun for the next day....

I saw a pin on Pinterest with pictures of tons of gorgeous snowflakes. It also showed the patterns you needed to cut to achieve those types of snowflakes.

Don't you love my phone screen shot?! Gotta love the Pinterest app! Anyway, I thought I might be able to scale some of these patterns down for the children to be able to follow on their own snowflakes. It worked out really well for Emma...but then again, she is almost 8 years old and has really great cutting skill. Sophia had a hard time following the designs, and it ended up being frustrating for her. Also, I knew Elijah wouldn't be able to follow a pattern on his own, so I just drew some easy-to-follow lines onto his snowflakes and helped him cut it out.

In the end, everyone had a much better time just cutting out the snowflakes free style!
This was Emma' looks like a sand dollar!

  I'll just remember those patterns pictures for when I want to do my own snowflake project. The few that I followed and cut out turned out really pretty...but I think, for kids, being able to just create your own thing is what makes projects so enjoyable sometimes!

Little brother enjoyed walking around the table watching us work...and trying to eat our paper scraps.
So, after you have all your snowflakes cut out, string them onto some yarn. I would suggest stringing them through a hole near the top of the flake..if you put the yarn right through the middle, the snowflake tends to droop just play with it and see what works for you.

This one drooped, so we ended up putting the string through one of the upper holes.
Then hang up, sit back, and admire your winter snowflake-storm!

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