Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reusing Christmas Cards

Do any of you have a hard time throwing away those pretty Christmas cards you get every year? I mean, some of them are really gorgeous, with the glitter and the embossing and all. But, if you're like me, you just don't have room to keep years and years worth of Christmas cards. Unless you've got some super awesome storage or display thing going on, most of those pretty cards are going in a drawer for a few years and then the trash...or straight to the garbage after the first of the year.

Well, the kids and I decided to do something fun with all of our pretty cards this year! Instead of throwing them out or storing them for who knows how long, we made Christmas Thank You cards!

This was a nice little morning project that all the children were able to participate in.

You need:

Card stock
Glue stick
Pretty Christmas cards

First, figure out which part of the card you want to use. Then, I drew a circle around the area the kids chose so they could follow the line while cutting.

I drew a circle around the ornament part..but it's hard to see.

Next cut out the chosen portion of the card. Then, glue it onto the card stock anywhere you want.

Elijah is a very quick gluer :)
We also cut out some other parts of the cards and some Christmasy things from my Martha Stewart magazine and glued them on the inside of the card.

Then  Emma and I wrote a simple "Thank You" on the outside of the cards. And we're done!

Now you have cute little Christmas thank yous and you re-purposed those lovely Christmas cards! It's a win win! Enjoy your day!

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