Monday, November 5, 2012

Snowman Cards

This week we are going to be working on a few Christmas projects. 

Now, I know we still have Thanksgiving to get through, and don't worry, we'll have a few more Thanksgiving projects to share with you. But, I thought we should crank a few Christmas goodies out too!

Our family has a tradition of taking a plate of homemade Christmas cookies around to our neighbors every December. We usually attach one of our Christmas cards and an ornament or something to the plate. This year, I thought we would make special cards to share with our neighbors. These are what we made :

 I saw a picture for these cards awhile ago floating around the internet and made a mental note of them. Oddly, I didn't pin them on my Pinterest boards, so I kind of just guided the kids along from memory. They couldn't understand HOW they were going to look like snowmen until we put the faces on and finished them up. Then they could see it, and they really liked how they turned out. I do too!

I love the perspective of the snowman looking up at cute! So here's a quick little how-to...they aren't that difficult, so I didn't take step by step pictures.

Cut three circles out of white paper: a big, medium, and small one.

Choose a colored card stock to glue the snowmen on. We also used some cute snowflake paper I got at Michael's eons ago. Glue the circles on top of one another, starting with the largest on the bottom. We placed the snowman's head a little above center, so it really looked like he's looking up at you.

Cut a little top hat out of some black paper and glue it to the snowman's head. Add eyes, a carrot nose, and a happy smile. Then, on the middle circle, draw on three little buttons. You can also add his arms on to the middle circle.
Finally, GLITTER!! We put some glue on the edges of the big bottom circle and then glittered it up!

The kids are so excited to hand these out along with out goodies next month. I have to admit, I'm getting pretty excited too! :)


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