Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ornaments in a Box

My parents visited this past week. The kids loved having their Nanny and Papa here visiting....and Joel and I loved having them here to hang out with at night and play games and eat lots of treats! Fellowship, especially family fellowship, is always so, so sweet!

My mom is a very project oriented person. We were in the kitchen a good deal of the time, baking together and making memories. She is also a very prepared person, and brought her own fun project to do with the children...an ornament making kit! These fun little snowflake ornaments were a big hit with the kiddos!

She bought them last year after Christmas at Target...they were super marked down. These little kits are really affordable, even at regular price...as you can see. $5.00 makes 25 ornaments! For the mom that has a hard time coming up with creative things to do with her children, or just doesn't have time to get activities together, these kits are a great resource. They come with tons of stickers that you can put on to the foam cut outs in any pattern you choose.

This kit in particular had little sparkle stickers that had tiny little papers on the backs....great for improving you little one's fine motor skills!

No two snowflakes are alike! The kids loved doing this, and loved the extra special time with Nanny and Papa! We plan on giving some of these little cuties out to our neighbors along with our SNOWMAN CARDS.

Creating with your kids definitely does not have to be some big, elaborate thing.  Here is a cute little MITTEN ORNAMENT KIT I found on Amazon.com. Get some simple kits and enjoy the time with them!

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