Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jingle All the Way!

Emma has a piano recital coming up. Her teacher thought it would be fun to include Sophia and Elijah in it, so they decided to play the song Jingle Bells. Well, thought I, we can't have a proper rendition of Jingle Bells without the bells! So, we decided to quickly make up some jingle bells on ribbon...or as we like to call them...Ribboned Jingle Bells. I'm sure 'ribboned' is not a word. Oh well! :)

For this little project, you will need:

jingle bells of assorted sizes....if you want, but you can use all the same size and it will be just fine (you can find jingle bells at any craft store)
thin ribbon
thicker ribbon
craft berry picks (optional)

First, cut about 8 inches of thin ribbon. String on your jingle bells. We used 4 per ribbon. Tie your ribbon together and knot it. Then, slide your jingle bells around to the knot to kind of hide it. Cut off any long tails.

Next, take a berry from your pick and insert it through the loop on the bell. Twist it around itself and cut off any excess wire from the pick. This step can be optional, but just adds to the festive look of your bells.

Don't they look pretty with the berries?
Finally, cut about 8 inches of your chosen thicker ribbon. Tie a knot down near the bells. Then, place one side through the loop of the thin ribbon and finish off the thick ribbon in a bow. I did this so the thick ribbon bow wouldn't slip out of place from the thin ribbon.

Finished product!
Now have fun!!! Jingle all the way!!!

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