Friday, November 2, 2012

Art Journals - Racecar Painting

During our Summer Art Journal project we did some fun painting pages using different things around the house. One of those things were race cars!

This was a great project for learning what colors mix to make other colors. We talked about the primary colors; yellow, blue, and red, and then when you mix those colors together, you get all of the other colors! Then, we went for it!

For this project all you need are an assortment of paint, a toy car, and some paper. Then let the kids go crazy!

Some of the little cars we used had tread on the tires and you can see it show up in the paint. I thought that was so cute! This was a fun activity that all the kids really got into and could do without much help from me. My main goal was keeping the paint off the time we'll choose a better location!

There are so many things lying around our homes that make really neat patterns when painted with. Next I'll show you a fun way we used pipe cleaners for painting. Stay tuned!

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