Friday, November 30, 2012

A Few of Our Favorite Things ~ Classical Kids Series and Pandora

Have you heard of the Classical Kids Series? They are a collection of CD's that are aimed at introducing children to classical composers through a fun story about the composer with their music all throughout. We have loved listening to these! The music is beautiful, of course, and the stories are fun and engaging. We've listened to a few, but by far, our favorite is Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery. After listening to this we realized just how much we love Vivaldi's music! So, right away, my kids ask if there is a Vivaldi station on Pandora, and lo and behold, there is!
If you would like to check out the Classical Kids Series, follow THIS LINK to Amazon. There is also a Christmas CD...we haven't listened to that one yet, but it looks to be great!

My children love music and often ask for me to put one of our favorite Pandora stations on in the mornings. And at this time of year we listen to Christmas music...obviously. :) Yes, we are one of those obnoxious families that start listening to Christmas music before month of our favorite genre of music just isn't enough! :) Here are a couple of our favorite Pandora stations.

Mannheim Steamroller (Holiday)

We LOVE this station! This is our favorite, hands down! Easy listening, lots of acoustic guitar, orchestral arrangements, and lots of our favorite Christmas hymns. Not to mention, Mannheim Steamroller is awesome, plain and simple! :)

Harry Connick Jr. (Holiday)

This is our go-to for our favorite Christmas songs. Jingle Bells, The Christmas Waltz, Marshmallow World, Sleigh Ride, etc. Lots of fun jazzy numbers, a nice mixture of The Rat Pack, and Harry or course! We listen to this usually while making Christmas gives us a nice spring in our baking step!

Vince Guaraldi Trio (Holiday)

A new one to our Christmas playlist! This has tons of songs from the Charlie Brown cartoons (which we love!), and a lot of other smooth jazz numbers. A great nostalgic station.

What are some of your favorite types of music to listen to with your children at Christmas time?

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