Monday, October 15, 2012

Pipe cleaner tiaras

Emma and Sophia sporting their pipe cleaner tiaras. Edward with his shield.

My lovely little princesses love these tiaras! They make up quick and are the perfect accessory to wear to a special knight's birthday party!

What you will need:

assorted ribbon
craft pearls
small wired flowers

First, join two pipe cleaners together to form a circle. Twist the ends together.
Next, take your pearls and wrap them around your pipe cleaner circle. Leave a little tail on both ends. Untwist one side of the pipe cleaner and twist it around the pearls, so they stay in place.

Emma adding her pearls.

Sophia adding her pearls.

Tiaras with the pearls added.

Choose and cut your ribbon. I used about 12 inches. Tie it in a bow at the back of the tiara, allowing the tails to fall down with the pearls.
We are almost finished. Choose your wired flowers and twist them on to the pipe cleaner. You can twist a bouquet of them to the back near the bow, or in the front, or all around.

Emma's tiara. She chose to put the flowers in the front.
Sophia's tiara. She wanted her flowers in the back.

All of the princesses at the party enjoyed wearing their tiaras. They were fun favors, and got them using their imaginations!

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