Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Falling Leaves Card

With Fall well underway, we decided to do a fun little card project to celebrate the season.

 This card project will probably be best with children 4 and up. It involves a bit of cutting, but mommy can always help out with that. The only thing Elijah (3) was not able to do was cut out, write, and tie the yarn. But he was able to Do A Dot the paper and stamp and glitter the acorn.

So, let's get started!

Here's what you'll need:

white paper
card stock to make a card, or ready made card
acorn (or other fallish) stamp
Do A Dots, markers, crayons...
yarn or decorative trim

Some of the supplies didn't make it to the picture. Ha!

 First, Do A Dot, or color, all over the piece of plain white paper.

Encourage your children to put colors over turns out really neat! When the paper has been sufficiently colored in, cut out little leaf shapes from it.

We traced leaf shapes onto the paper and cut them out.

 We added in the little leaf vein after they were all cut out.

Next, we stamped and glittered an acorn shape onto the front of our card. I had the children do that first and then fill in the rest of the space with their leaves. We painted glue over the stamp, stamped it down, and then glittered over it.

After that we glued the leaves onto the card. I told the children to arrange them on the card to look like they were falling off a tree.

Card with the glitter acorn and leaves.

 As we made these cards, we talked about why leaves change color and fall off the trees at this time of year. THIS is a good site explains why this happens. Basically, there is not enough sunlight during the winter to keep up photosynthesis, so the chlorophyll stops being produced. Then, when the green chlorophyll goes away, the red, orange, and brown pigments that are in the leaf all along are able to be seen.

After we glued our leaves on we made a little tag for the outside of the card. We chose it to say "Happy Fall" but yours could say "Happy Thanksgiving" or a sweet cheesy saying, "Happy Fall Ya'll".  :)

We cut around our tags with fancy scissors. Then, we glued them in place. We also put a little bit of brown ink around the edges of the tag. It kind of gives it a little vintage look. Just slide the edge of the paper across an ink pad on all sides. Very easy, and it gives your card a finished look.

Now, all that is left is adding on your little bit of trim. We chose some thin yarn and tied it around the top of the front flap of the card.

Voila! A sweet little falling leaves card perfect for sending to a special friend to brighten their day.

Silly faces:)

We have some fun things planned to share with you in a couple of weeks; some kids Christmas crafts and Christmas cookie recipes, and some more stocking stuffer ideas. Oh, and a fun little Thanksgiving/Christmas garland! Come back soon!! Blessings:)


  1. very cute! and such a fun idea Jules. You are such a "Mom". Love you!