Monday, October 15, 2012

Cardboard Shields

Every knight needs a trusty shield!

Here is what you will need for this project:

Cardboard (I just cut up a spare box we had lying around the garage)
Paint and brushes
Thick ribbon

Start by drawing a shield shape on your cardboard. Cut it out with scissors.
Paint the entire shield any color you want. We chose white.
After the paint dries, decorate your shield with whatever emblem that strikes your fancy. We decided to do a simple cross design.

Each boy's shield has a different colored cross.
When the paint is completely dried, outline the cross with a black Sharpie. This makes the emblem pop a bit, and really finishes the look of the shield.

Now for the handle.

Cut two parallel slits about 1 inch long in the middle of the shield.
Cut a length of your ribbon. I think I cut about 6 inches of ribbon. Slide it through each slit in the front of the shield.
Tie it off in the back.
And there you have it! A handy shield for your special little knight!

These were a hit with the boys at Elijah's knight party! They got right into playing 'capture the dragon'! It was so fun to watch their imaginations at work.

Ethan wanted Emma to take shield pictures with him:)

Edward is really getting into this knight thing. Two shields!

Head on over HERE to see the rest of the fun at Elijah's Knight Party!

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