Monday, September 24, 2012

Plastic Canvas Bookmarks

This is a craft that Emma has been doing for about a year now. I cut out a bunch of crosses out of plastic canvas for her, and she goes to town sewing the yarn around them.  

Last year she gave some out as Christmas presents. They make WONDERFUL stocking stuffers! We each received one in our stockings last year! :)  She likes to have a stash of them just in case she needs a gift for someone on the fly.  She really is so thoughtful.:)

 So, without further's Emma! (Her words are in PURPLE.)

How to Make a  Plastic Canvas Cross Bookmark

What you will need:
plastic canvas
yarn in different colors
large yarn needle

This is our plastic canvas.
 Mommy cuts out the crosses for me.
The cross  shape on the canvas.

Ready to start.

 First you thread your large yarn needle. You start at the bottom and make a whip stitch around the sides. Which means you go around the outside of the cross, not in and out of each square.
 You go around til you get back to the bottom.
Tie off your yarn tails, and switch the color if you want to.

Then, you go around again with a regular stitch.

Almost done!

 Finally, when you get to the bottom you knot all the yarns together. And you have a beautiful cross book mark!

Here it is!! Done.
 Thank you so much for sharing, Emma!

Make a rainbow of bookmarks with your children and put them in stockings, in cards, or on top of cookie packages! Also, I don't think it would be too hard to make candy cane, snowman, or heart shapes. Just have fun...experiment...use your imagination!
The crosses I have done this week.
Oh, and only 91 days until Christmas! Stay tuned for some more Christmas ideas!!

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