Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Need a decorating idea in a pinch???

Make a banner!!! They are easy, quick, and tons of fun to make!!! The kids and I made a super cool one for Daddy's birthday, but alas, I forgot to take a picture of it. :( And it was hanging on the wall for two weeks. Ha!

Well, never fear, my dear readers! I had another birthday coming up (my Nanny's 65th birthday, no less!) so I had a chance to redeem myself in the picture taking department.

My Grandpa had contacted me and asked if my kids could make a banner for Nanny. He wanted them to be able to contribute to the party because they wouldn't be able to attend. So I said sure! That's right up our alley!

My sister was here for the week, so she helped out with the fun! We decided to let the kids put their hand and foot prints all over the banner, and then I would go over it and write the message in Sharpie marker when it had dried.  It worked out perfectly! Here are some pictures.  The method is really simple and straight forward.  Paint hands, smoosh them on the paper.  Paint feet, walk across the paper. Repeat for as many prints as you want. And really, what kid doesn't like an excuse to paint their hands and feet! This project definitely scored major fun points!:)

I have THIS Melissa and Doug easel paper roll, so I just tore off a huge length of it and we started printing.  It was a quick project, and tons of fun to do! My Nanny loved it, and saved it as a memento when the party was over.

Banners are always a fun, personal way to decorate for special occasions. And they really aren't difficult at all to put together. Even if you don't have an easel paper roll, it's super easy to tape computer paper together and decorate all over it that way. The possibilities really are endless with banners. So go for it! And have fun!!

This concludes our birthday party ideas...for now. I'm sure we'll have more birthday themed projects and things in the future. :) Coming up, some things from our first week of school, and then some easy, kid friendly Christmas present crafts.  Did I just say Christmas present crafts???!?!?! Well, there are only 111 days, 10 hours,9 minutes, and 30 seconds left til Christmas.  How did I know that? No, I'm not that obsessed with the holiday season :). THIS Christmas countdown clock is fun!!:)

Have a great day! God bless!!!

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