Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fabric Pumpkins

Aaahhh, Fall is in the air.  I think it is more because of the month on the calendar than the changing in temperatures though.  We're still hanging out in the 80's in our neck of the woods.  But, when Fall lives in your heart all year long....80 degrees feels like 60.  That is completely untrue...and also, I'm a bit dramatic:)

When September settles in, we get the itch to start decorating our home.  Emma usually asks, "Mom, is it time to get our leaf garland out yet?" She's just like her mother, I'm happy to say!

This year, we wanted a little something special to spruce up our Fall decor. Enter....cute little Fabric Pumpkins!!

 My mother-in-love had a fabric pumpkin on her table last year, and I absolutely loved it.  I decided that the children and I should see if we could replicate it.  Our version is considerably smaller than hers, but we like them that way!

When I thought about doing this with the kids, I knew very well this would NOT be something for Elijah (my 2 year old boy) to get in on.  But I decided to include him anyway.  He got as far as picking out fabric and plopping some stuffing onto it:

but then his concentration and interest quickly went to other things:

I expected this:) While the girls and I worked, he be-bopped around us, and got focused on his knights and horses.  Sewing is not his forte:)

For this project you will need:

Fall-ish fabric
Dinner plate (for measuring the circle)
embroidery floss (optional)
stuffing ( like THIS Mountain Mist Fiberloft stuffing)
green craft wire
brown pipe cleaner
glue gun and sticks

Take your fabric and place the dinner plate on the wrong side of it. Trace the circle shape.

Take the opportunity to have your little ones count out all the circles we could fit on one piece of fabric.  Hooray math!!

Cut out your circle.

Obviously, Sophia is too young to be able to cut out a circle of fabric.  She is four.  Emma, on the other hand, had no trouble at all with cutting out the circles.  So, for now, Sophia just needs more cutting practice...she's determined to learn to cut "just like Emma" she'll get the hang of it!:)

Place your circle right side down on the floor.  Place a mound of stuffing in the middle.

Get your needle and thread ready to work! Fold up two sides of your circle and sew them together, like this:

With my help, Sophia sewed a few stitches.  She really enjoyed that!:)

Here is Emma doing a stellar sewing job!

After you have sewn that up, fold over one side of the fabric and sew it down, connecting it to the middle of the pumpkin.  Like this:

Repeat for the other side, until you have a nice little sewn package, with all the filling tucked neatly inside.

Next, take your embroidery floss, if you have it, and thread the whole thickness of it to your needle.  If you don't have embroidery floss, just use regular thread that you have tripled or quadrupled.  We want thickness for this next part. Make a knot at the end or your floss/thread. Stick your needle into the middle of the bottom of your pumpkin and push it all the way through to the middle of the top.  Then, pull it through and go directly across the side and back up through the bottom.  Here, let me show you a picture of what we're doing.
Go up the middle again, and then bring your thread across the other side.  We are making the ridges of the pumpkin.  Go up the middle again, until you have done these steps 6 or 8 times, always going directly across.  You want to go up as close to the middle, and pop out as close to the middle as you can, each time. Pull the thread taut also, and you'll begin to see the little ridges forming. When you have completed the 8th ridge, push your needle down through the middle of the top and out the bottom, and tie a knot.

 Here is where we're at. Next, get your hot glue gun heating up.  While that is heating, cut a small piece of fabric.  We are going to cover up the messy bottom. Put some glue on the bottom of your pumpkin and place the small piece of fabric over it.

Now, flip your little pumpkin over.  We're almost done! Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner. It shouldn't be too long or small, just a nice, little stem size.  Put a dollop of hot glue in the middle of the top and attach your stem. Then, if you would like, take a length of green craft wire and twirl it around a pencil.  Slide it off and it's a cute little curly-q. Attach that to the top as well with a dollop of glue.

There you have it! The finished pumpkin! We decided to make a centerpiece with ours.

This project is best to be done with children 6 and up.  Emma is 7 and could do the entire thing on her own with my guidance.  Go ahead and try it with your littler ones, but do be careful of the needles and hot glue. I'm sure that goes without saying:) And don't be discouraged if they lose attention happens.  Emma and I finished the majority of these pumpkins during nap time.

I hope you like our little taste of fall! Are the seasons changing where you live?

Stay tuned for a great biscuit recipe from Emma!

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