Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Coming up this week...

Good afternoon all! I thought it would be a good idea to do these "Coming up this week" posts just so you know what to expect.  Sometimes I start posts and am not able to finish them (school, kiddles, rats and their babies, etc, etc, etc) but I want you to know that the posts are forthcoming. So...this is what you can expect on Crafts, Cooking, and Curriculum this week!!

  • Emma's plastic canvas bookmarks. These are an easy and sweet craft for kids to do pretty much on their own...once they get the hang of it.  Sophia has just finished her first one.  I sat with her the whole time she did it, but she is just now learning sewing skills.  Emma, on the other hand, has been at it for a few years, so she is able to whip out a few bookmarks in an hour's time.  Emma will be handling this tutorial...should be fun!
  • A new segment here on Crafts, Cooking, and Curriculum called "A Few of Our Favorite Things".  Here I'll showcase some of our favorite arts and crafts items, recipes, gift ideas, and so forth.  I will also provide you with the links to check some of these products out.
  • Art Journals.  These things are so much fun!! We started one as our summertime project, but I am itching to do some more journal projects. The kids loved these! I'll have an ongoing Art Journal post series that I'll be starting this week.  
So, stay tuned!! We've got some great stuff coming up!

Blessings!!! :)

Oh, and just because I'm certain you are curious (ha ha!), here is a picture of our baby rats. Oh so sweet!!!
Ooohhh, the little babies!!! Aren't they cute?!?! Yes, I have accepted the fact that I am the crazy rat lady.  If I could, I would keep them all!! The children LOVE them too!!! They are still furless, but the pigments in their skin have helped us to see which will be dark like daddy, which will be multicolored like mommy, and which will be blondies. Fun!

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