Thursday, September 13, 2012

A cookbook of their own

Cookbooks are becoming obsolete.  With the Internet, the answers to any questions are just a couple of clicks away, and the endless recipe sites...and blogs (such as this!) are so easy and handy to get to. But nothing beats a well-worn cookbook. My mom has a couple of cookbooks that have definitely seen better days.  There are pages missing, or reshuffled out of order.  There are food splatters on the pages of her most used and loved recipes.  Changes, add-ons, and omissions to ingredients can be found in her scrawling hand.  They are like little history books.  The history of her becoming an amazing cook!

I have a few cookbooks of my own...ones that I still use and love.  I, like my mom, rewrite portions of recipes, have food splatters on my favorites, and have lost a page or two. Emma loves looking at them.

One year for her birthday, money was a bit tight, and I was wracking my brain for a present that she would love, and that would be cost effective.  She had been baking and cooking with me for awhile, and had mentioned having recipe books of her own someday.  I knew I had to make her one. It wouldn't be hard at all!

What you'll need:

A three ring binder
page protectors
computer paper
a few well loved recipes
access to the Internet and a printer

This is really so easy, it's almost silly to post a how-to about it.  But, I will anyhow:)

You could even do this project with your cook in training! I'm sure they would love going through images and picking out their favorite ones!:)

Come up with a Table of Contents for your cookbook.  Here is what mine looks like:

 Appetizers, soups, breads, main dishes, desserts, and beverages.  Very simple.

After you've decided on your different categories, look on the Internet for pictures that have to do with each one.  For instance, I Googled 'pictures of bread' and found one I liked.  Save the image.  Then go and find images for the rest of your categories.  Don't forget one for your Table of Contents page and Cover page.

Then, the rest is so simple.  Print each image off with the name of the category on a sheet of paper. Do the same for the Table of Contents and Cover.  Put them into page protectors and hook them into the binder.  You could even put some dividers in too, if you like.  Then, print off some of your favorite recipes and slide them into the unused page protectors of the category they belong in.  I put the recipe for biscuits that Emma will be sharing with you, into her Breads section.  She loves that recipe!

And there you go! One cookbook for one special little chef!

The page protectors are nice because you don't have to worry about the thin computer paper getting ripped or wet or splattered.  The plastic protectors wipe off very nicely.

These make really great, economic Christmas or birthday presents...or just a fun little afternoon project!

Up next...biscuits!

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