Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Fun

My husband had a birthday recently. This was a perfect opportunity for the kids to go wild with creativity! We made cards, a special birthday banner, and two yummy, kid friendly birthday desserts! Today I'll show you the cards we made. My girls love it when I say, "It's almost (insert family member/friend's name) birthday! Lets make something!" They are card making masters! Sometimes I have a certain pattern or idea for cards to make, and sometimes I just let them do what they want...they have great imaginations and creative little minds. When you have a set pattern for your child to follow, it's a great opportunity for you to see how well they follow instructions...or even how able they are to follow your instructions. It's a great exercise to gauge their level of ability. For Daddy's birthday cards, we went free form. Here are some supplies that we used:
 assorted scrap book papers
 card stock
 glue sticks
 rubber stamps
 Emma and Sophia are older, so with my supervision, I allowed them to cut out their own paper...I earned huge-o cool points with Sophia with that!:)
After the paper of choice was cut to their liking, the gluing began! This was a free form card, remember, so I was completely hands off with placement, color, amount of paper used, etc. They came up with some pretty neat designs!
Now, it was a bit difficult for Elijah to do the whole paper cutting/gluing thing, so he went with a rubber stamp approach to his card making. We have a dinosaur set which he really just loves! Stamping is such a great craft medium for little ones. Smack the stamp on an ink pad, and smack it on the paper...fantastic!
After the cutting, gluing, and stamping was finished, the children embellished with stickers, coloring, and writing. I asked Sophia and Elijah what they would like their messages for Daddy to be, and wrote down what they said word for word. I love doing this! It's so much fun to pull out cards they have made years down the road and read exactly what they wanted to say to you way back when. I'm insanely case you were wondering:)
 And the finished product!!! The outside view:
And the inside view:
Now, get out there and make some cards!! Remember, it doesn't have to be a huge don't always have to have a set pattern or template. Just allow your children to create and use their imaginations! Trust me, they'll love it!:)
Stay tuned for some more birthday celebration ideas!!

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